Jollyflex specializes in the manufacture of heavy duty industrial rubber hoses, customized hoses and related accessories such as washers, gaskets and other rubber moulded items.

We own state – of – the – art production facilities and strive to meet the highest international specifications and standards achievable in the industry. Our plant is one of a kind in India for its use of rigid mandrel methodology to manufacture long length rubber hoses.

We pride ourselves on using raw materials of the highest quality. The virgin rubber we acquire are of the finest class of natural rubber that can be found in India, sourced from some of the best rubber plantations in Kerala.

Jollyflex is not only equipped with a highly modern productions infrastructure but also a high-tech laboratory solely used for testing, innovation and R & D, which gives us a distinct edge in terms of quality control and new product development. Our testing laboratory is equipped with numerous instruments such as rheometers, pressure testing benches, ageing hot air ovens, shore hardness testers, DIN abrasion testers etc.

Our ultimate mission is for Jollyflex to be synonymous to all flexible hoses.